The Importance of Tire Maintenance


The tires on your vehicle are just one of the many aspects that aid in your safety on the road. Keeping them in top shape will not only save you money, but will also assist in the prevention of potential accidents or mishaps. Here at Pegues Hurst Ford, we're committed to showing you how you can stay safe with some simple tips regarding the importance of tire maintenance.


Inspect Your Tires


There are often times where damage is not noticeable on a tire from a quick glance before entering your vehicle. Therefore, we suggest taking the time to carefully examine your tires by checking for any tears, holes, or imperfections that could impede your safety. If you notice any damage, be sure to utilize your spare tire and get the damaged tire replaced or repaired.


Check the Air Pressure


Driving on under-inflated tires can be a detrimental mistake, especially in unfortunate weather conditions when driving is already more dangerous. The suggested tire pressure for your vehicle's tires may be located in the driver's manual or on a placard inside the driver's side door edge.


Penny Test for Tread


In order for your tires to grip the road and work properly, they need to have an acceptable amount of tread on them. A quick way to test the tread on your tires is to hold a penny from the bottom and place Abe Lincoln's head in the grooves of your tire. If any part of his head is in the grooves, then your tires have a safe amount of tread. If his head is barely covered, you will want to purchase new tires as soon as you can.


Tire Rotation


Getting your tires rotated is a simple process that ensures that your tires wear evenly and last longer. If your tires aren't rotated frequently, you may experience poor performance from your vehicle. Consult with your mechanic or vehicle manufacturer's recommendations about scheduling a tire rotation for your vehicle.


Aligned and Balanced


Often tires can become unbalanced, which means there is more weight in one section of a tire that can cause a wheel to wobble or bounce while driving. It is vital to ensure that you get your tires balanced whenever a tire is replaced. Along with balancing the tires, they should also be aligned properly so that your vehicle doesn't pull harshly in one direction. If you've recently hit a large object or pothole in the road, it is suggested that you schedule alignment maintenance.




Tires affect not only your safety and wallet, but also the overall performance of your vehicle. We suggest utilizing these tips frequently and if you feel your tires are in need of repair or replacing, feel free to contact us here at Pegues Hurst Ford to schedule service.


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