Advanced Ford Technologies

Ford is one of the leading innovators when it comes to automotive technologies. The brand has developed some of the most advanced vehicle systems on the market; including driver assist technologies, entertainment options, and convenient features. If you're looking for a truly intelligent car, check out the list of Ford technologies.

Driver Assist Technology

This suite of safety features is specially designed to improve safety and comfort behind the wheel. Using an array of sensors, alerts, and software programs, driver assist technologies include features like the Lane Keeping System, BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert, and Enhanced Active Park Assist.

Lane Keeping System.

This available feature is used to prevent unintentional lane drifting. It can be turned on and off by the driver, and you can toggle between Lane-Keeping Aid, Lane-Keeping Alert, or both. The Lane-Keeping Aid works with directional steering and torque to guide you back to the center of the lane if you inadvertently drift. Lane-Keeping Alert simply sends vibrations to the steering wheel when drifting occurs.

Enhanced Active Park Assist

This multi-feature system can scan parking spaces to keep you from hitting obstacles, alert you to danger as you move in and out of tight spots, and it can even steer for you in certain situations. Enhanced Active Park Assist is great for parallel parking, as well as pulling into the driveway or garage.

BLIS with Cross-Traffic

 BLIS, or Blind Spot Information System, works with Cross-Traffic Alert to ensure that you are always safe. It can help to detect vehicles as you pass or change lanes, as well as when other people pass you. An integrated side-mirror signal and audible warnings alert you to any danger.

Entertainment Technology

Entertainment technologies are designed to keep both passengers and the driver happy on the road. This includes music, media, apps, and more. The SYNC®3 and SYNC Connect systems are some of the most advanced entertainment options on the market. 


This feature comes with high-speed performance, voice recognition, and a large touch screen. You can also get available navigation, as well as Siri and automatic Wi-Fi updates. 

SYNC Connect 

This feature lets you access FordPass, a smart way to stay connected to your vehicle through your smartphone. You can remote start, lock/unlock, see fuel levels, get approximate mileage, and more. Plus, you can schedule times for remote start to operate, getting your car ready before you hit the road.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Technology in a Ford vehicle is not only enjoyable, but safe as well. Take Ford's advanced Adaptive Cruise Control for example. Adaptive Cruise Control adjusts speed to whatever keeps drivers at a safe distance with the vehicle in front of them, reducing the chance of an accident.

Trailer Sway Control

It's no secret that Ford is famous for its tough vehicles with incredible work capabilities. However, hauling all of the supplies you need has become even easier with Ford's Trailer Sway Control, which makes sure that the driver is always pulling the trailer in the right direction. 

Convenient Features

Another great feature available on models like the 2017 Ford Escape is the Hands-Free Foot-Activated Liftgate. This available class-exclusive feature lets you easily open the liftgate by simply placing your foot under the bumper. You can also adjust height for tight situations. You simply have to have the Intelligent Access key in your pocket, and the vehicle can activate the liftgate.

If you have any questions surrounding technologies in your vehicle or what Ford can offer-just stop on by Pegues Hurst Ford and ask!