Ford's innovative EcoBoost technology combines two enhancements to the engine, turbocharging and direct fuel injection, to provide a boost in power without sacrificing fuel economy.

The turbocharger part of the EcoBoost engine boosts the performance by forcing more air into the engine, which then reacts with more fuel at a time, creating more energy. Turbocharging is also one of the most fuel-efficient ways of increasing power and saves significantly more gas than increasing the size of the engine.

The second part of the EcoBoost technology is direct injection, which is a way in which fuel is injected into the engine. While other kinds of injection use an intake valve for a more complicated injection process, direct injection doesn't have this extra step. This allows for quicker injection of fuel into the engine. 

If you want a fuel-sipping engine with a little extra power, ask for a Ford vehicle with an EcoBoost engine. Not every Ford is offered with EcoBoost technology, but we'll try to find the perfect Ford for you.